AED Cabinet

AED Cabinet

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Premium white AED metal cabinet is meant to strategically protect and prominently display your Heartsine Samaritan 350P PAD AED.  It is compatible with other smaller AED models on the market as well.  It is made of rigid metal construction.  Inside the cabinet is an alarm which sounds when the door is opened without the use of a key as shown.  It generally uses a standard 9v battery.  When the door is opened with the use of the key, the alarm is deactivated for ease of inspection of the contents as needed.

The outside dimensions for this surface mount cabinet are 13"H x 13.375"W x 7"D.

The inside dimensions for this surface mount cabinet are 12.875"H x 13.25"W x 6.875"D.

It weighs 10 lbs.

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