AED Maintenance

AED Maintenance

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SMSI AED Maintenance Programs provide the following valuable services and “turn-key” solutions as required for YOUR comprehensive PAD program.  With these monthly onsite AED inspections, SMSI will provide the following vital areas of service for the best quality assurance of your AED program and the safety of all of your employees and guests.

- Conduct Monthly AED Maintenance and Rescuer Supply on Every AED Device

- Provide Accurate Tracking of Serial Numbers of the AEDs, Batteries and Pads

- Provide Automatic Battery and Pad Replacement before Any Expiration Date

- Respond in a Timely Manner Regarding Any PAD and/or AED Issues

- Furnish Monthly Updates to the designated PAD and AED Program Manager

- Submit Notification of Necessary Replacements of Any Rescuer Supply

- Submit Notification of Any Pertinent News or Information about the AEDs

- Record and Maintain Plastic Locking Mechanisms for Each AED Cabinet

- Initiate Professional and Expert Opinion on Any AED-Related Issue

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