AHA BLSI Initial

AHA BLSI Initial

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This opportunity will allow each participant to be able to teach AHA BLS (Basic Life Support) level CPR/AED and HS (Heartsaver) level (otherwise known as Layrescuer) CPR/AED and FIRST AID and BBP.  BBP is the annual OSHA-required bloodborne pathogen awareness education for ALL places of employment.

In order to become a current AHA BLS (CPR/AED/FIRST AID/BBP) Instructor, there is a mandatory 2-3 step process.  All of these steps described below are national completion requirements according to the American Heart Association.

1) AHA Basic Life Support CPR/AED (Classroom) Course

This 4-6 hour course provides the necessary knowledge and skill to save a life, in short, emphasizing 911, providing CPR and utilizing AED generally in a healthcare or hospital setting OR prehospital setting.  The areas that are covered include:

- Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED including One and Two Rescuer

- Adult/Child/Infant FBAO (Foreign Body Airway Obstruction aka Choking)

- Adult/Child/Infant BDU (Barrier Device Use)

- Adult/Child/Infant BVM (Bag Valve Mask Use)

2) AHA Basic Life Support Instructor (Classroom) Course

This 16 hour or two 8 hour day course is intensive and comprehensive theory and practice regarding Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR/AED and Heartsaver (HS) or Layrescuer CPR/AED and FIRST AID and BBP.  It also includes the following areas of necessity:

- AHA and SMSI Provider Course Logistics

- Principles of Adult Learning and Best Practice

- Establishment of the Real Purpose of CPR

- Three Most Common Myths of CPR

- Successful Individual and Group Dynamics

- Critical Skills Testing for CPR/AED and FIRST AID

- Proper Manikin Maintenance and Decontamination

3) AHA Basic Life Support Instructor (Classroom) Monitoring

This last part is where each instructor candidate assists with one of our classes of their choice in the Chicagoland area OR leads or assists with a class of their own and gets monitored by the TC coordinator.

In addition, the TC coordinator would be there for moral and technical support. The necessary guidance would be provided before and during the course and positive reinforcement and constructive criticism after the course. This requirement needs to be done within 90 days after the classroom portion and really no later.

‚ÄčUpon successful completion of ALL 4 steps, the candidate will receive their AHA BLS Instructor Certification Card.

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