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This 3-4 hour course provides the necessary knowledge and skill to save ​a life, in short, emphasizing 911 and providing basic FIRST AID generally in any community or workplace setting.  The areas that are covered include:

General Principles

- Concerns of Further Injury, Future Litigation and Disease Transmission

- Responsibility and Liability

- Scene Safety and Standard Precautions

- Phoning 911 and Finding the Problem

Medical or Illness Emergencies

- Asthma and FBAO (Foreign Body Airway Obstruction aka Choking)

- Allergic Reaction (Anaphylaxis)

- Heart Attack (AMI)

- Fainting (Syncope)

- Diabetic Reaction (Hypoglycemia)

- Stroke or Brain Attack (CVA)

​- Seizures

Trauma or Injury Emergencies

​- External and Internal Bleeding

​- Nose, Mouth, Dental and Eye Injuries

- Head, Neck and Spine Injuries

- Bone, Muscle and Joint Injuries

​- Thermal, Chemical and Electrical Burns

​Environmental Emergencies

- Animal and Snake Bites

​- Insect, Spider and Tick Bites and Stings

- Marine Bites and Stings

- Heat and Cold Emergencies

- Poisoning Emergencies

​Upon successful completion of this course, the candidate will receive their AHA HS FIRST AID Provider Certification Card.

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