Bootz EMR Kit

Bootz EMR Kit

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The Bootz Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Kit is a customized emergency kit for you and/or your facility.  It includes only the best of the best products.  Items are generally stocked and arranged in an LA Rescue Bag.  It has everything any EMR would need to treat any illness or injury with items that are comprehensive, versatile and benign.  

Comprehensive means all of the items have been well thought out for the best care by any emergency medical responder, such as the two sizes of Burn-Free dressings when the victim is nowhere near any running water source OR the emergency blanket that can be used to prevent and treat shock from any illness or injury.

Versatile means each item can be used for a dual purpose at the least for a lot of situations, such as the saline bottles which could be used in quantity by pulling the whole cap off for any moist dressing OR by using the fine stream to wash out any debris or pollutant from an eye or wound.

Benign means you will not find anything that could put any victim in inadvertent harm's way, such as any "burn cream" which is contraindicated for immediate and appropriate burn care OR any "antibiotic ointment" or "latex gloves" which could pose as an allergic risk to the unsuspecting rescuer or victim.  Items that are included:

Trauma Scissors 6.5" (1)

Kelly Forceps 5.5" (1)

Splinter Forceps 4.5" (1)

Surface and/or Nontoxic Thermometer (1)

Umbilical Cord Clamps (4)

Adult Stethoscope (1)

Adult Blood Pressure Cuff (1)

Otoscope/Penlight (1)

Small Notebook (1)

EMT Field Guide (1)

Black Pens (2)


Oropharyngeal Set (1)

Nasopharyngeal Set (1)

Surgilube 5Gm Packets (5)

Bulb Syringe 60ml (1)

Microshield + CPR Barrier Device (1)

Insta-Glucose 37.5Gm (1)

Bottles of NS 500ml (2)


Safety Glasses (1)

Surgical Face Masks (2)

Nitrile Exam Gloves (4)

Hand Sanitizer Bottle (1)

Small Ziplock Bags (2)


Sterile Individual Gauze 4x4 (10)

Sterile Bulk Gauze 4x4 (2)

Sterile Individual Gauze 2x2 (10)

Sterile Adhesive Bandages 1x3 (30)

Sterile Occlusive Gauze 4x4 (2)

Sterile Oval Eye Pads (4)

Sterile Conform Bandages 3" (2)

Sterile Conform Bandages 6" (2)

Sterile Elastic Bandages 3" (2)

Durapore Tape 1" Roll (1)


Silver Rescue Blanket (1)

Silver Swaddler (1)

Sterile Heavy Trauma Dressing (2)

Triangle Bandages (2)

Stiffneck Cervical Collar (1)

SAM Splints 4" (2)

Sterile Burn-Free Dressings 4x4 (2)

Sterile Burn-Free Dressing 16x24 (1)

Sterile Burn-Free Packets 3.5Gm (5)

Cold Compresses 5x7 (2)

Heat Compresses 6x9 (2)



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