Bootz EO2 Kit

Bootz EO2 Kit

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The Bootz Emergency Oxygen (EO2) Kit is a customized emergency kit for you and/or your facility.  It includes only the best of the best products.  Items are generally stocked and arranged in a Black Cylinder Shoulder Bag.  When the tank is used and/or nearly empty, it is very inexpensive to have it refilled.  It has everything any emergency oxygen provider would need to treat any illness or injury who may or may not be short of breath yet.  Features with this kit are below:

250 Liter Volume with the Refillable Aluminum Cylinder

Two Position Regulator @ 8lpm and 15lpm with Contents Gauge

Resuscitative Oxygen Mask with Oxygen Inlet Valve (Not Shown)

     This versatile mask can be used over the face, as a blow-by, or during CPR and/or rescue breathing.

Black Cylinder Shoulder Bag

Oxygen Extension Tubing

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