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These courses provide the necessary knowledge and skill for the variety of patient and situation specific that any Emergency Medical Technician-Basic could encounter generally in a community or workplace setting.  Cost designated is $50.00/hour.  The topics that could be covered include but are not limited to:

- Anatomy and Physiology

- Advance Directives

- Basic Dysrhythmia Recognition

- Basic First Aid Truths and Falsehoods

- Cardiovascular Emergencies

- Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Treatments

- Debunking CPR/AED Myths

- Emergency Oxygen Administration

- Environmental Emergencies

- Geriatric Emergencies

- Hepatitis B and Other Bugs

- Influenza Pandemics and Realities

- Medicolegal and Ethical Issues

- Metabolic Emergencies such as DKA

- Midwest Critters and Creatures

- National Incident Management System

- Obstretic Emergencies

- Pediatric Emergencies

- Psychiatric Emergencies

- Respiratory Emergencies

- Shock Prevention and Treatment

- Toxicology and Poisoning Emergencies

- Trauma Emergencies

​​Upon successful completion of any these courses, the candidate will receive the appropriate IDPH EMT Continuing Education Certificate.

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