Jerz TFA Kit

Jerz TFA Kit

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The Jerz Tactical FIRST AID (TFA) Kit is a customized emergency kit for you and/or your facility.  It includes only the best of the best products.  Items are generally stocked and arranged in an Orca Rescue Bag.  It has everything any first aid provider would need to treat any ballistic or penetrating injury in order of priority especially during or after any "active shooter" situation. 

Trauma Scissors ~6.5" (1)

Universal CPR Barrier Device (1)

Sterile Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) 28fr (1)

Nitrile Exam Gloves (2)

Hand Sanitizer Bottle (1)

Permanent Black Marker (1)


Silver Mylar Rescue Blanket (1)

Sterile Abdominal Dressing ~5x9 (1)

Sterile Conform® Bandages 4" (2)

Sterile Israeli® Bandage (1)

CAT® Tourniquet (1)

Sterile Hyfin® Chest Seal Dressing (1)

Quikclot® Zfold Dressing (1)

Quikclot®  Powder (1)

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